New: Consulting Packages for Performance Optimization and Upgrades

Do you need help with performance optimization or upgrade of your website? You can now use Kentico Solution Architects to get an expert advice.
Based on the requirements our Solution Architects receive from Kentico clients, we have identified two common requirements and created two new focused packages: 

Performance and Health Audit

Kentico Performance and Health Audit is a 1-day consulting package that reviews the implementation requirements and System Architecture to ensure viability of your existing Kentico CMS/EMS system and compliance with Kentico architecture standards. The ultimate goal is to ensure implementation scalability and stability for your project, even as the website grows over time.

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Upgrade Audit

Kentico Upgrade Audit is a 1-day consulting package that reviews your current Kentico CMS/EMS system and provides an assessment that focuses on possible upgrade related weak spots. In lines with enterprise best practices and recommendations, your consultant evaluates the state of your website and provides expert guidelines to avoid any upgrade related pitfalls.

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If you're starting a new project, you can also choose the Getting Started Package to make sure your project will be a success.

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