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  • Introduction to Xperience MVC/Core Architectural Best Practices for Larger Scale Solutions
    Jamie Leask    —       —    Article

    This article will introduce best practices for larger scale Xperience projects, both in MVC 5 and .NET Core. It will touch on different solution architectural setups from a high-level perspective and explain some advantages and disadvantages to each one. It will demonstrate proper separation of concerns for these architectures and give a glimpse into the benefit of using patterns. It will show high-level proofs of concepts to demonstrate how this can be achieved with Xperience, rather than going into detailed examples. When you would like to build upon these sample pieces, we have some fantastic training modules dedicated to this, which goes into full step-by-step implementation. There is also a fully built-out solution, the Medio Clinic site, which we would recommend as the next step The Kentico Xperience 13 training website.

  • Deployment Options for Kentico MVC Sites to Azure App Services
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    As MVC becomes the main development model for Kentico developers, understanding how to host your applications becomes an important skill to master. Depending on your hosting environment, your application structure can have a significant impact on your ability to scale, update, and manage your projects. With more and more companies considering Azure App Services, I wanted to give you my thoughts on how to best use the platform for your Kentico MVC sites.

  • Environment architecture: isolated content authoring and content delivery servers
    Dean Lynn    —       —    Question

    Is it possible to configure an environment to include: 2 x load balanced content delivery servers, hosted within a DMZ and publicly accessible via live URL (e.g. with content a...

  • Production environment: limiting access to the content authoring interface
    Dean Lynn    —       —    Question

    I would like to restrict access to the content authoring elements of a production site. By default these components will be accessible by any user via the public internet, a weak username and passw...

  • Architecture matters!
    Štěpán Kozák    —       —    Article

    As a Solution Architect, I very often deal with clients’ websites getting slower and slower until they reach the point at which even the Kentico UI stops responding. That’s usually the point where we (the consulting department) are called in to help solve the urgent situation. Of course, we can always do something to get the website running again, but such a situation is usually caused by bad non-scalable architecture and a misconfiguration of Kentico or the IIS and could be avoided. The purpose of this article is to emphasize how important it is to think about architecture carefully when building a complex website. I’ll demonstrate this in two real-life examples.

  • MVC and Kentico CMS
    Martin Hejtmanek    —       —    Article

    There is a lot of questions lately from our clients whether Kentico CMS supports MVC or not. This question is kind of tricky, this article elaborates the details about this topic.

  • Quality of Kentico CMS source code
    Martin Hejtmanek    —       —    Article

    Hi there! I found a moment in my busy schedule to post one more article. This one will give you an overview on what you can expect from our code and also reasons why you may want to buy our Source code license. If you are interested, read further ...

  • New import module
    Martin Hejtmanek    —       —    Article

    As you could notice, the import package structure and the interface of the export and import process suddenly changed in version 3.1 which wasn't a major version. Let me explain you, what were the reasons for this and how does it influence your project development ...