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Brano Sandala User Experience Designer at Kentico Software

I'm a User Experience Designer at Kentico, keenly listening to the needs of our users. Right now, I stand behind the design of the new product — Kentico Draft. Reach out to me when you'd like to discuss how Draft can simplify your content production process.

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Updating Iconography in Kentico 8

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The intrinsic value of icons is pretty much apparent in modern user interfaces. Icons are visual metaphors that only take up a small amount of space but can carry a significant meaning. They provide users with intuitive access to actions and applications, or represent an immediate status of an object. To make icons seem valuable in this sense, one needs to focus on two things while designing them: first, consistency of visual style, and second, appropriate mapping of metaphors and symbols in order to convey the correct perceived meaning of an icon.

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