Much Has Changed in the World of Draft


In the six months since Kentico Draft started streamlining its users’ web content production projects, it has evolved drastically.

Thanks to the priceless feedback from Kentico partners, we introduced new features to make our users web content production even smoother. Read more about this and what else is new on the Draft blog.

You can also learn more about Draft by joining us for our webinar on May 04, 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT (New York) where you will get the opportunity to see Draft in action, take part in the Q&A session, and check out how Draft can help you drastically improve your content production process.

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Brano Sandala

I'm a User Experience Designer at Kentico, keenly listening to the needs of our users. Right now, I stand behind the design of the new product — Kentico Draft. Reach out to me when you'd like to discuss how Draft can simplify your content production process.