Streamline Your Content Creation with New Kentico Draft


Kentico is proud to announce its new cloud-based solution — Kentico Draft — to speed up your content production and end the pain of web project delays.

Fed up with project delays and wasted opportunities? With Kentico Draft, you can forget everything that you believed was true about the way projects should be delivered.

After analyzing endless web design projects and the reasons for their delay, we identified that the majority of these delays were caused by the way in which content production was handled. Not only was this causing clients to lose money as a result of the late delivery of their websites, but digital agencies were also losing money due to these unacceptable delays forcing them to sacrifice other planned projects as a knock-on effect because of a lack of time and capacity.

So what if you could actually bypass that usual frustrating workflow and start writing content earlier? This is exactly what Kentico Draft enables you to do. With Kentico Draft, digital agencies and their clients can start producing content right after they have agreed on the wireframes and content requirements of the new website. Based on this information, the agency prepares a drafting environment — a single shared space where all the content contributors can enter the content and assets directly into their correct places. We focused on making Kentico Draft so intuitive that you could feel confident that everyone on the team would be able to contribute from day one. And because everybody can track the progress of the content’s creation centrally via Draft’s simple workflow, contributors can say “goodbye” to hunting for endless email updates, files in various formats, and trying to figure out which version is the right one to use. This means time saved, workflows optimized, everyone happy, and all necessary people completely involved at each crucial step of the project.

Another reason why Kentico Draft is so well suited to creating digital content is that it holds all your content in a consumable format. Once your CMS is configured and ready to use, you can import the content into it automatically. No more will team members suffer the tedious copy-pasting and broken formatting that was the case when populating content in the CMS from Word documents.

Kentico Draft is part of Kentico Cloud’s upcoming suite of web solutions. Currently, Draft is ready to work with Kentico CMS, but in the future you will also be able to integrate it with a variety of other systems. And, of course, Kentico CMS still remains as powerful and as necessary as ever. The new Kentico Cloud products will co-exist with Kentico CMS/EMS and, in many cases, complement our existing products and enhance their possibilities. Check out and find out how you can reduce your web projects’ production time and start turning all those lost project opportunities into money today.

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Brano Sandala

I'm a User Experience Designer at Kentico, keenly listening to the needs of our users. Right now, I stand behind the design of the new product — Kentico Draft. Reach out to me when you'd like to discuss how Draft can simplify your content production process.