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  • Performance Mistakes
    Miro Remias    —       —    Video Article

    In this webinar, Miro (Kentico Solution Architect) shows performance mistakes often made in Kentico CMS and the ways to avoid them. He covers a couple of real world examples of performance issues and their solutions.

  • Transformations Revealed
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Video Article

    This webinar is focused on transformations. With new transformation types, advanced hierarchical transformations and the new macro engine (and K# language), you can achieve more with less coding than ever before. See what is available in version 6.0 and what improvements are planned for transformations for coming versions.

  • K# and Kentico EMS - Part 1
    Karol Jarkovsky    —       —    Video Article

    In this session, we are taking a more in depth look at how you would use K# in a real world example of an on-line marketing campaign, segmentation and scoring. It includes a demo on how K# can help you get the most out of the Kentico EMS On-line marketing platform from start to finish.

  • Smart Search in Kentico CMS 6
    Miro Remias    —       —    Video Article

    Index-based searching results in significantly better performance compared to linear SQL query search, but can we control what exactly is a part of the index file and how the content is processed? In this webinar Miro is talking about new smart search options in Kentico CMS 6. He is covering developing a custom index and a custom analyzer.

  • Kentico Webinar: CMS Today - Automating Your Sales Tax Compliance Requirements for Kentico
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Your business should be focused on generating profits and cutting costs, not managing sales tax.  Consider that calculating, filing and remitting sales and use tax is a pass through activity with no direct benefits to your bottom line.  Any effort spent on sales tax compliance activities is 100% non-revenue generating.   To overcome this challenge, Avalara’s Avatax solution provides Kentico customers a complete sales tax compliance solution – from the point of sale to filing returns – so you can focus on what’s important, growing your business! 

  • User Management Overview
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Managing users is the process of providing access to your system. In this video we will look at how this can be done with Kentico.

  • Widget Properties
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Widgets extend the functionality of the existing web part framework outside of the CMS Desk design tab. They provide direct support for page personalization. This flexibility provides end users the control to customize the placement and appearance of widgets. Users with the appropriate rights can modify widget properties, their placement on the page and add or remove widgets from live the live site.

  • Technical Learning – Introduction to Widgets
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Kentico CMS 5 introduces widgets that provide support for page personalization. From a designers point of view widgets are a basic building block of page templates in the same way as web parts. For end users widgets allow them to add, remove, modify properties, and determine page placement on the live site. In this session we will examine how this exciting new feature is used within your Kentico CMS 5 site. We will cover the basics of technical implementation, design concerns, extensibility and security for this feature. People attending this session will be able to implement the basics of widgets in their Kentico CMS 5.0 site.

  • Kentico Technical Learning: Kentico CMS in Load-Balanced, Highly Available Web Farm
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    This Kentico Technical learning session presented by Kentico CMS Gold Partner Bit Wizards will cover the deployment and configuration of Kentico CMS in a highly-available, redundant web farm. 
    Topics covered will include network architecture, SQL Server configuration, .NET configuration, and Kentico CMS configuration and optimization.
    Network Architecture
    -       Server configuration
    -       Load balancing
    -       Traffic routing
    -       HTTP/HTTPS considerations
    -       File replication
    SQL Server Configuration
    -       Clustered SQL server architecture
    -       Active/Passive
    -       Database configuration/settings
    .NET Configuration
    -       Session state management
    -       Web server configuration
    Kentico configuration
    -       Web farm synchronization
    -       Best practices