Performance Mistakes

In this webinar, Miro (Kentico Solution Architect) shows performance mistakes often made in Kentico CMS and the ways to avoid them. He covers a couple of real world examples of performance issues and their solutions.
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Miro Remias

Hi, I am a Product Management Team Lead here at Kentico. My missions i to lead, advise and empower our Product Management team in seeking the product-market fit.


kentico_mirekr commented on

Hi Lance,

each 'basic universal viewer' is using just one of the following transformations:

Transformation name
Alternating transformation name
Selected item transformation


lance commented on

I have a question about what you've done in the video.

At 1:06:05 you have a random document example. You have a 'Query Data Source' and 3x 'Basic Universal Viewers' in your 'Page (Optimized) (SEPARATED)' example. How are you getting each of the Viewers to only show a single document? I tried to recreate this example myself, but I see the same 3 docs in each of my Basic Universal Viewers.