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  • Logging off
    Manoj Meena    —       —    Question

    We have upgraded our application from version 10 to 11.0.1 For 1 off the sites when we navigate to category and then click in products link in the page it logs off and take us to login page, its ha...

  • Kentico MVC
    Mirado Francky Randria    —       —    Question

    Hello every one,I am implementing some functionalities of the portal engine version of kentico CMS to the MVC version of it.One of them are the CHAT webpart So far I have already managed to impleme...

  • locked out of version 7.0
    Susan Heikkinen    —       —    Question

    We have been using the free version 7.0. Aware we need to upgrade, but have been unable to log in with the user name/password we have used for years(uncertain why). Our global administrator is no ...