locked out of version 7.0

Susan Heikkinen asked on January 3, 2019 19:30

We have been using the free version 7.0. Aware we need to upgrade, but have been unable to log in with the user name/password we have used for years(uncertain why). Our global administrator is no longer with the company and Kentico does not offer support for this version. Help!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 3, 2019 19:49

You might try this app key in the web.config file. It's valid for v7 as well. Keep in mind it has to be a user account which is not already in the system.

<add key="CMSAdminEmergencyReset" value="username;password;true" />

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Zach Perry answered on January 3, 2019 19:55

Here is the documentation for doing it in K7, same steps as the link Brenden supplied. It can be an already existing user if you use false instead of true for the 3rd parameter I believe.

Also note it says you can just clear the password column in the database and just login with a blank password.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on January 4, 2019 10:26

Or, the old good way would be going to the database and in the CMS_User table clear the password columns for given account. Restart the application by doing a fake/dummy change in the web.config file and then log in using the user name and leave the password field empty.

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