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  • Kentio 13 Form Input Validation for security
    Francis Carroll    —       —    Question

    Hey, I have a couple of sites in kentico 13 that all have default kentico forms. Recently we done an audit and relised that kentico default forms dont have any prevention for users entering certain...

  • Change jquery pagebuilder bundle
    CSS Team    —       —    Question

    One of my clients is performing security scans of our K13 asp net core app. They found a line in /_content/Kentico.Content.Web.Rcl/Scripts/jquery-3.5.1.jswhich is hit by their security scanners://h...

  • Rich Text Editor Component in Properties is overlaying over other properties
    Francis Carroll    —       —    Question

    Hi,I am running ASP .NET CORE application with Kentico 13 on a IIS 10 Server.I am having an issue with the rich text editor in the properties of a widget i am developing. The field that has the Ric...

  • Issue when setting up ASP .NET CORE app with Kentico on IIS
    Francis Carroll    —       —    Question

    Hi,I am running an ASP .NET CORE App v3.1 with Kentico 13 on a IIS 10 Windows Server.I have this app setup on a local IIS server and it works perfectly but when I put it onto the server the front e...

  • How to Migrate from .NET MVC 5 to .NET Core for Kentico Xperience
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    .NET Core and .NET 5 have been available for some time now and .NET 6 will be released any month now. However, the majority of existing Kentico Xperience MVC sites previous to version 13 were created in .NET MVC 5. This situation is especially true for Kentico 11 and Kentico 12 MVC versions as those previous versions weren't yet ready for and basically incompatible with .NET Core. So, what's a .NET and Kentico developer to do if they have been working only in MVC 5?

  • 25 Reasons to Move to Kentico Xperience MVC
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    Even in 2021, I am still having multiple conversations with existing Kentico Xperience clients from a business, executive, and/or marketing standpoint about moving from Portal Engine to MVC. Most of my conversations revolve around people who are having difficulties to fully understand why a rebuild of a site in MVC is necessary. These conversations around the migration from Portal Engine to MVC are often times thought of as only purely technical conversation. This is actually a common response, as many of the benefits are stated in a technical way. However, I’m here to tell you that this technical only consideration should be broadened into multiple other considerations.

    That motivation is why I have created this blog post series. I’d like to fully answer the question of “Why MVC?” once and for all. I figure that if I am having this conversation multiple times, there must be other people having it to with their clients. Why not answer it fully in writing and in a holistic way, that way all of us in the Kentico Xperience community are able to use it as a resource for all clients out there who have Portal Engine based Kentico Xperience sites and are considering what to do next.

  • Where is the documentation for ASP Core MVC Api
    Leo Leme    —       —    Question

    Hello, I'm trying to find @the place@ where I can stay there and find all the documentation to develop a Asp Core MVC Kentico website.The codes examples that I find don't work because they're not ...