How to Migrate from .NET MVC 5 to .NET Core for Kentico Xperience


.NET Core and .NET 5 have been available for some time now and .NET 6 will be released any month now. However, the majority of existing Kentico Xperience MVC sites previous to version 13 were created in .NET MVC 5. This situation is especially true for Kentico 11 and Kentico 12 MVC versions as those previous versions weren't yet ready for and basically incompatible with .NET Core. So, what's a .NET and Kentico developer to do if they have been working only in MVC 5?

The process of migrating a .NET Framework application to a .NET Core / .NET 5 application can be daunting. Today I'd like to shed some light on the subject and make the process itself more transparent and straightforward for any Kentico developer. I will touch on the benefits of why it matters to leverage the most modern .NET technology for Kentico Xperience sites, review the phases of the migration, and mention some tools and tips to help with the journey to .NET 5 (and future versions of .NET).

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Brian McKeiver

I have over 20 years of experience in delivering digital solutions to clients, mainly at BizStream. I'm passionate about software platforms and technologies that can help solve real world problems. I specialize in architecting solutions that use Kentico Xperience, Kentico Kontent, .NET, and Azure. I enjoy hanging out with my wife, chasing around my three children and vigorously rooting for the Michigan State Spartans and Detroit Lions.