Where is the documentation for ASP Core MVC Api

Leo Leme asked on March 5, 2021 17:48

Hello, I'm trying to find "the place" where I can stay there and find all the documentation to develop a Asp Core MVC Kentico website.

The codes examples that I find don't work because they're not for CORE Mvc, for example this (https://docs.xperience.io/13api/configuration/users#Users-Creatinganewuser). I was trying to find the documentation on how I could create a User and assign a Role for him. Found this link, but this is not for CORE applications.

So, what is the right place for my situation ?

Thank you very much

Leonardo Leme

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Dmitry Bastron answered on March 8, 2021 10:33

Hi Leo,

The documentation regarding the development of the websites can be found here, it's covering all the aspects for both MVC 5 and MVC Core approaches. Where things are Core-only relevant, you can find these here, for example this is an article of integrating Xperience with Core Identity (login). Also, the link you provided, covers both Core and MVC 5, it works in Core as well. And this is an example of adding a user to a role.

In most scenarios searching through the docs and API examples should bring you relevant answers. But if you are having more specific question - don't hesitate to ask here at DevNet QnA or on the Slack channel.

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