Kentico CMS 7.0 On-line Marketing Guide

On-line marketing features

On-line marketing features

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On-line marketing features

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Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution provides the following features related to on‑line marketing:


Web analytics - measure and analyze key metrics of your website such as visits, page views, file downloads, traffic sources, etc.

Conversions - track actions performed by your website's visitors (e.g. user registration, product order, etc.) and record them as conversions.

Campaigns - accurately monitor traffic generated by individual on‑line marketing campaigns (e.g. banners, marketing e‑mails, etc.).

Reporting - view analytics data presented in highly flexible reports that contain various kinds of charts and tables.


Contact management - centralized overview of all users who visit your website, used to gather information about them and their activities on the website.

Contacts - individuals who visit the website and about whom information is gathered.

Accounts - companies or other commercial or non‑commercial bodies where contacts operate.

Contact groups - organizational units that can be used to group contacts or accounts based on various criteria.

Merging - merge contacts or accounts into one in order to avoid duplicities.

Activities - analyze behavior and actions that contacts perform on the website.

Salesforce - replicate Kentico contacts into Salesforce as leads. - update your contacts' and accounts' information using the business directory.


Marketing automation - visually design and automate your marketing campaigns and tasks.


Scoring - numerically evaluate individual contacts on multiple scales based on their properties and activities.


Website optimization - create different versions of pages and evaluate them according to the behavior of the website visitors.

A/B testing - create one or more modified versions of a given page, diversify traffic to them and track how individual versions affect behavior of website visitors.

Multivariate testing - create different versions of elements on a page and track which versions produce the best results when displayed to website visitors.


Content personalization - create pages that display different content depending on the circumstances in which they are viewed.


E-mail marketing - attract new customers to your website or keep in touch with existing clients by sending marketing e‑mails.


Security - allow access to user interfaces of on‑line marketing features only to certain users.

Internals and API - modify or enhance the out‑of‑the‑box functionality by your custom code using Kentico CMS API.