Kentico CMS 7.0 On-line Marketing Guide



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The security options of the on‑line marketing features described in this guide can be configured in the same way as for all Kentico CMS modules. Access to various types of data and the ability to perform specific actions is only allowed for users who belong to roles that have the appropriate Permissions for individual on‑line marketing modules.


Additionally, the user interface is composed of separate elements and each user may only view those parts that are included in the UI personalization profile configured for their roles.




Default accounts and roles for on‑line marketing


Security restrictions do not apply to users who are designated as global administrators, since such accounts override any permission requirements and automatically have access to all UI elements.


You may also assign users to the Marketing manager default role, which is imported along with the sample Corporate Site. By default, this role may perform any on‑line marketing actions, since it has all the necessary permissions and UI elements pre‑assigned.


You can find permissions for the following modules described in this chapter:


Web analytics

Contact management


A/B and MVT testing

Content personalization

E-mail marketing

On-line marketing