Kentico CMS 7.0 On-line Marketing Guide

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

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Marketing automation

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You can automate, optimize and analyze your campaigns using marketing automation. Marketing automation allows you to nurture your website's visitors and leads — represented by contacts in Kentico.


Marketing campaign are controlled through one or more automation processes. Each process consists of a set of steps that you can fully customize using a built-in visual designer. You can either start processes manually for individual contacts or groups of contacts, or have the system start processes automatically using condition-based triggers. For example, you can:


Create a trigger that moves every new contacts from a specific country into an automation process, which then performs a targeted marketing campaign.

Automatically move contacts who have reached a certain score into an advanced automation process.




Creating processes

Working with the process designer

Managing steps

Connecting steps

Defining condition steps

Defining user choice

Defining automatic decisions

Defining timeouts and waiting

Configuring security

Adding action steps

Creating triggers

Manually running automation processes

Managing the flow of contacts in processes

Viewing process reports


Defining custom actions

Walkthrough: Creating a sample process