Kentico CMS 7.0 On-line Marketing Guide

Creating processes

Creating processes

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Creating processes

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This topic describes how to add new marketing automation processes.


1. Log in to CMS Desk and navigate to On-line marketing -> Processes.

oYou can alternatively create new processes in Site manager -> Tools -> On-line marketing -> Automation processes.


2. Click NewProcess New process.


3. Choose a name for the new process and type it as the Display name.


4. Click Save Save.

oThe system creates the process and opens the General tab of its editing interface.


5. Under Start the process, choose one of the following process recurrence options:


Note: Process recurrence determines when the process is allowed to run for each contact.


Always as a new instance - the system can create and start new instances of the process at any time for the same contact.

If it hasn't been run before - the process can only run once for a given contact (i.e. starts only if it has never been run for the contact before).

If the same process is not running concurrently - the process starts only if there is no instance of the same process running for the contact at the same time.







If you select the Always as a new instance recurrence option, the system may run multiple unnecessary instances of the process concurrently (depending on the implementation of the process and its triggers).


This can lead to increased system load and deliver the same marketing messages to the same contact multiple times.



6. Click Save Save.


Once you create a process, you can proceed to working with the process designer or create triggers.


Tip: You can change the recurrence settings of a process at any time by editing (Edit) the process in On-line marketing -> Processes.