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Claims-based authentication: Finishing Configuration of Virtual Machine and Setting up Kentico

Roman Koníček    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

In the first part of the series we prepared a virtualized environment and started to configure some  services that are necessary for AD FS service. In the second part, we will finish the configuration of the virtual machine and we will configure Kentico to use claims-based authentication. So let’s get started.

Claims-based authentication: Preparing Virtual Environment and Initial Configuration

Roman Koníček    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Hi, my name is Roman Konicek and I would like to welcome you to my knowledge base article series on claims-based authentication. Let me give you a bit of an overview of some of the things we are going to cover in this series. I want to start by briefly talking about how to prepare a virtual environment. The second thing I would like to focus on is how to configure your environment to use claims-based authentication—in this specific case we are going to use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). Next, I want to discuss how to configure your Kentico application to use the claims-based authentication. In the last part, we are going to look at the most common issues when you are using claims-based authentication in Kentico.  So let’s go and have a look at all of that.

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