Smart search - variable number of results

This article desribes the reason why the total number of results might change when you go through the individual pages.
Imagine a simple example, you will insert in search text box search text "building“ and then hit the search button, you will get the structure below:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... Pages: 1 of 32

But please remember that this is not exact number of total results, it contains results without permissions check, check on publish to/publish from property. Only group size, in this case 1-10, is checked for permissions or publish to/from property. When you go to next page the group size is changed and the next results are checked and that is the reason why total number of pages is changed (reduced).

You might wonder, why Kentico does not check all the results?  Well the answer is quite simple, it would be a real performance-killer to check all the results at once, which were returned by the search query.

However there is a simple way how you can change this behavior, you can increase the group size of the pagination.
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