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Neil Powers

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Using Kentico Tools to Migrate Website Content Easily

Neil Powers    —       —    Video Article
In the webinar, using a randomly chosen site, Neil used 3 free and common tools to build a site into Kentico matching the original’s design and content in under 3 hours. Demoing the Kentico Import Tool and Kentico HTML2Kentico tool to migrate just about any website content from anywhere into KenticoCMS. We’ll explore the best practices and methods to decide what data can be imported and how best to do so.

Creating Website From Nothing

Neil Powers    —       —    Video Article
This webinar covers real world examples on how to break down a site into a master page, home page and other types of content pages. You can learn more about common pitfalls that can happen in a migration. Neil also demos tools used in managing Kentico CSS style sheets more effectively. 

Other topics included are: 'When to convert content to document types vs. simple unstructred content', 'Building page layouts', 'How to separate the non-Kentico page areas to zones', 'How best to make static parts to be dynamic' and 'How best to organize documents in content tree'.

Site Conversion Time Saving Tip

Neil Powers    —       —    Article
As one of the Sr. Solution Architects at Kentico, I get asked many interesting questions like "How can I bulk import my old sites assets so that my CSS, Javascript and HTML layouts still work?"  In Kentico we offer many ways to upload or even bulk upload assets, but we rename the file extensions, potentially causing a cleanup issue when importing HTML, Javascripts or CSS assets. That can take time to clean up, so I have this as a solution.

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