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  • user custom field cv upload file
    web dev    —       —    Question

    hello Kentico dev i use user form with user fields and i add two custom field resum uploader type file but in preview mode when i upload file its same like kentico didnt save resume data is there a...

  • Count Result of search
    web dev    —       —    Question

    hello Kentico Dev in smart search result i try to display result like this(18 results found for @search keyword@) i find macro @div class='ResultCount'@@%# Eval(@Items@) + @ result(s) for @ + CMS.H...

  • smart search
    web dev    —       —    Question

    hello kentico dev i try to apply a smart search while click on button search there is modal in header display result but the problem is that the page load and modal dessaper i want get result witho...