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  • How are PBKDF2 passwords hashed?
    Marlon Basten    —       —    Question

    I need to migrate users from my Kentico instance to another database and system and therefore need to know how passwords are hashed by default.No salt is configured in the config and all the other ...

  • Authentication in External Application
    Joshua Adams    —       —    Question

    I am building a react js app to connect to our kentico database. I have an authentication built and am having trouble matching the password sha2salt. It seems that everything according to the doc...

  • Hash MD5 with Macro
    Marco Zotta    —       —    Question

    Hi All, I need to pass a link url from a Kentico page (ver.6) to an external website form passing some parameter and a hash code adding a private string to secure it. Is possible to do it with Macr...

  • REST (dynamic url) Hash parameter authentication
    Olivier Cozette    —       —    Question

    Need to authenticate a REST request using the Hash method, but I think this case is a bit more complicated.Normally, you can authenticate (using the procedure at

  • Checking Macro Hash
    Mateusz Żebrowski    —       —    Question

    As we know macro signature consist of user who created macro and hash. In documentation we have:@The system checks the macro signature when accessing an object through a different object (for examp...

  • Using the Query string hashing
    Pedro Costa    —       —    Question

    Hi Guys,I have this small project it's a directory of Airsoft playing teams in Portugal, this was a great opportunity to test a few Kentico things.Specifically the Bizfor...

  • Query string hashing in url
    Ali Heristchian    —       —    Question

    Hi, I need to hash query string in a page. There is a sample of validating url hash in CMSPages @ GetAmazonFile.aspx.cs. But how can I create this link? Is the only way of doing that from API?

  • How is passwords hashed in Kentico?
    Pierre Sanove    —       —    Question

    I need to move the users from a Kentico website to another website, when I move the users I also want to migrate the users passwords.To be able to migrate the users passwords I need to know how Ken...