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  • Hash MD5 with Macro
    Marco Zotta    —       —    Question

    Hi All, I need to pass a link url from a Kentico page (ver.6) to an external website form passing some parameter and a hash code adding a private string to secure it. Is possible to do it with Macr...

  • REST (dynamic url) Hash parameter authentication
    Olivier Cozette    —       —    Question

    Need to authenticate a REST request using the Hash method, but I think this case is a bit more complicated.Normally, you can authenticate (using the procedure at

  • Checking Macro Hash
    Mateusz Żebrowski    —       —    Question

    As we know macro signature consist of user who created macro and hash. In documentation we have:@The system checks the macro signature when accessing an object through a different object (for examp...

  • Using the Query string hashing
    Pedro Costa    —       —    Question

    Hi Guys,I have this small project it's a directory of Airsoft playing teams in Portugal, this was a great opportunity to test a few Kentico things.Specifically the Bizfor...

  • Query string hashing in url
    Ali Heristchian    —       —    Question

    Hi, I need to hash query string in a page. There is a sample of validating url hash in CMSPages @ GetAmazonFile.aspx.cs. But how can I create this link? Is the only way of doing that from API?

  • How is passwords hashed in Kentico?
    Pierre Sanove    —       —    Question

    I need to move the users from a Kentico website to another website, when I move the users I also want to migrate the users passwords.To be able to migrate the users passwords I need to know how Ken...