Checking Macro Hash

Mateusz Żebrowski asked on September 5, 2015 22:53

As we know macro signature consist of user who created macro and hash. In documentation we have:

"The system checks the macro signature when accessing an object through a different object (for example the user settings through a user, which are two different objects) and evaluates, if the user (identified by the hash) has permissions to execute the macro."

And I don't know who is the user indentified by the hash.

Correct Answer

Lukas Martinak answered on September 5, 2015 23:35

It's the current user at the moment of making latest changes to the macro. The hash is there for the integrity purposes - to make sure that the user who is signed in the macro is the one who makes the changes. That way it's ensured that you are not able to create a macro with the signature of someone else (the hash would't match). If it wasn't there, you as an editor could create a macro signed by a global administrator and get access to data you are not supposed to read.

I'd recommend reading Working with macro signatures.

Btw, you can always go to Macro Debug to see who signed the macro.

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