In MVC setup does the MVC site CMSHashStringSalt value have to be the same as the CMS site CMSHashSt

Tim Valdez asked on April 27, 2023 22:46

We have a custom MVC website using Kentico 11. Recently there was a security event that caused us to be required to change the CMS hash salt in the config file to something different. We did that and then ran the macro reset to update everything and things are running fine. But I just noticed a lot of error log entries referring to a macro signature not valid: Security check of the expression 'Rule("(!CurrentUser.IsInRole(...blahblahblah...

Can this happen if the MVC website hash salt is not the same as the CMS website hash salt? Or does that even matter? I'm just trying to figure out what is causing all of these error log entries in the CMS.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on April 28, 2023 05:34

Yes, the hash salt strings must be the same in all apps connecting to the same DB.

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