• Rollback hotfix
    Question Mar 1, 2021
    Hi, How do I rollback the hotfix? I applied hotfix 11.0.49 to Kentico11 on my local instance. Now I want to roll back. I undid changes in Visual Studio. But on Admin desk it still says I am on v11.0.49. Thanks, Wei Wang

  • new DLL after hotfix
    Question Sep 20, 2022
    this just showed in a site after the most recent hotfix... BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll is it legit?

  • error after hotfix
    Question May 11, 2022
    I just updated my site and am getting this error, however I am able to see the folder it is looking for System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: 'C:\Users\{username}\.nuget\packages\kentico.xperience.aspnetcore.webapp\13.0.69\staticwebassets\' any thoughts?

  • Kentico 11 hotfix issue
    Question Feb 23, 2021
    I applied hotfix 11.0.49 to Kentico 11 to my localhost. Then clear the cache. I can launch the site afterwards, but NOT /admin. It says "This site can't be reached". I don't know why the site is still working but not CMS admin? Thanks, Wei Wang

  • issue after applying hotfix 13.0.29
    Question Jun 8, 2021
    there is an issue on page builder after applying hotfix 13.0.29 our site is Kentico MVC after applying the hotfix the page builder doesn't appear and there is an error on console as on picture below "The administration origin 'localhost' is not registerred as an admin dom...

  • error after hotfix 13.0.99
    Question Feb 1, 2023
    The type 'Global' is ambiguous: it could come from assembly 'C:\Users\myuser\source\repos\intranet.northernlighthealth.org\CMS\bin\CMS.DLL' or from assembly 'C:\Users\myuser\source\repos\intranet.northernlighthealth.org\CMS\bin\CMSApp.DLL'. Please specify the assembly explicit...

  • Page Builder JavaScript Error After Hotfix
    Question Mar 29, 2021
    I recently applied the 12.0.92 Hotfix to my solution which was at 12.0.30. The reason for upgrading was due to an error with the Form Builder (The client side Form Builder code was getting an HTTP 500) There were two exceptions in the upgrade log, both related to NuGet packa...

  • Errors after upgrade Kentico 13 hotfix 48
    Question Oct 28, 2021
    Hello, I've upgraded Kentico 13 hotfix 47 to Kentico 13 hotfix 48. I got an errors in log after. Could you check this [screenshot](https://www.screencast.com/t/v5tsjdR46s) please? What I need to do? Do I just need to rename the files with the .new extension (without this ext...

  • Applied HotFix Forgot to Run CI Serialize before running CI so Hotfix changes removed
    Question Oct 6, 2022
    Applied HotFix Forgot to Run CI Serialize before running CI so Hotfix changes removed, How do I get hotfix changes back?

  • Kentico 12 SP - hotfix upgrade from 12.0.96 to 12.0.101
    Question Oct 11, 2022
    Applied hotfix version 12.0.101 in the existing 12.0.96 Kentico website. Kentico Admin website is still showing 12.0.96 version. any help?

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