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  • kentico vulnerability question
    lawrence whittemore    —       —    Question

    does anyone know if the vulnerabilities listed here that don't spe...

  • Document History
    Rita Mikusch    —       —    Question

    Hi,We're using version 8.0. When we look a particular version of the document history of a page, the @DocumentContent@ field doesn't show the ENTIRE content of that previous version. Is the entire ...

  • Throwback Thursday Upgrading Kentico 7
    Brenden Kehren    —       —    Article

    It's Thursday somewhere right?  Take advantage of this throwback Thursday tip when upgrading your Kentico 7 (or even 6) instance to newer versions.  

    Kentico provides some great documentation and directions on upgrading major versions.  Unfortunately, they can't perform their tests on every website scenario..  What I'm going to provide to you today is one very large tip when upgrading those older instances of Kentico.

  • Problem with 7.0.77 vs 7.0.30
    Chetan Sharma    —       —    Question

    Hello All,We have our website running on our DEV and QA environment. Dev is running on 7.0.30 and QA is on 7.0.77(recently this has happened).Our website has support for IE 8 and is running fine on...