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Rita Mikusch asked on January 19, 2017 20:21


We're using version 8.0. When we look a particular version of the document history of a page, the "DocumentContent" field doesn't show the ENTIRE content of that previous version.

Is the entire content of that page still available somewhere ... programmatically available through c#?

Thank you.

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Rui Wang answered on January 19, 2017 22:54

Hi Rita

Are you looking in the database CMS_VersionHistory table for these?

The NodeXML filed in that table contains all the page data. But also you need to understand "DocumentContent" field only store data like what you are putting into Editable Text web parts of a page. If the page is based on certain page type, then the data you entered into the fields would be stored in the fields of that page type, not understand DocumentContent.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on January 19, 2017 22:49

Not Sure that I understand. Kentico keeps track ob objects changes such as templates, forms, etc and stores those in the CMS_ObjectVersionHistory. There is a history of template modification for your document.

select  Convert(XML,VersionXML),* from CMS_ObjectVersionHistory where VersionObjectType = 'cms.pagetemplate' and VersionObjectDisplayName ='YourDocumentTemplateName'

DocumentContent is the field in CMS_Document, that usually contains whatever is document related for ex.: 'Editable text' web part definition. So if you modify your text in 'Editable text' web part on your page - it will be stored in CMS_Document.DocumentContent, but I not sure that there is a history for such modifications.

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Rita Mikusch answered on January 19, 2017 22:58

Thank you, Rui, that explains it!

I completely forgot that some of the page content was in a different object.

Ugh, slow brain day today :(.

Thank you.

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