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  • Adding a reverse proxy to a Kentico solution
    Ryan Anthoney    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I have a kentico application on my server as the default application. I want to add a reverse proxy to enable me to run another application at a specified URL prefix.I have added the reverse...

  • URL Rewrite crashes site - Trying to rewrite all .HTML to remove
    Jason Buck    —       —    Question

    I have read the following articles:

  • Real World Examples - Part II
    Miro Remias    —       —    Video Article

    Have you ever tried to measure how much time per year you spend waiting for your favorite web site to load? What if there is a better way of doing things in order to save other people time resulting in more satisfied web site visitors?

    There is no doubt that the web site performance is very important aspect to address, but did you know that even a simple redirect could sometime introduce a performance issue? Are you sure that you want to serve your page resources from the web server(s) without implementing CDN? How about implementing cookie-less domain for your static page resources?

    Miro, our Sr. Solution Architect, will give you an idea what are the available options you can use to cover the questions above.