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  • IE11 Body Class Gecko4 and Gecko11
    Ger Vang    —       —    Question

    I have two Kentico environments and for some strange reason in DEV when I'm using IE11, the BODY class is injecting @Gecko Gecko4@ while in PRODUCTION it's @Gecko Gecko11@. Any ideas why it'll be ...

  • IE not firing event handler
    Anson Tyau    —       —    Question

    In Internet Explorer, the @register/submit@ button in the registration form webpart is not firing an event in IE, it works fine in both Firefox and Chrome.

  • Cookies blocked in IE causing issues
    Sam Power    —       —    Question

    On a site we just deployed to production we are getting 404 errors on some pages. These errors are occurring only for users on IE and only if they have their privacy trust levels set to @Block All ...