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  • Need to change font of whole website
    Manoj Meena    —       —    Question

    Hi,I would like to change font and page loyout of my whole kentico 10 website.Can it be done through admin or code change is required? please let me know the steps. Thanks

  • Custom font access for non-authenticated user?
    Quang Lai    —       —    Question

    Edit: I had some angle brackets that was cutting out the rest of my description of the problem. I've edited for the complete text to show.We placed our custom fonts under /App_Themes/[site]/fonts/...

  • Uploading fonts to Kentico
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi again,I'm trying to upload some custom fonts to the CMS and am hitting a roadblock. If anyone can assist, would be very appreciated.Cheers and thanks,Shawn

  • my words font not changed but the number change!!!
    Reza sh    —       —    Question

    hi. i uploaded a custom template with custom Font. i build the .woff .woff2 and ... and uploaded to directory and make a name @yekanregular@ and use the font face in css. the number are changed but...

  • font family
    Day Insure    —       —    Question

    My Website compute a different font family that Kentico, having the same css style. Could be that Kentico associated a font family automatically? Is possible to change the font family?Thanks.