• Does archiving a license free up for a new license
    Question Apr 8, 2021
    We purchased a 10 licenses package, however over time, our IT dept has changed our internal IP address range a couple times. Each time I create a new license based on the new IP range. If I archive the old unused IP address, does that free up a license so it can be used aga...

  • Kentico License Key
    Question Aug 19, 2022
    Hi All, We are going to move our CMS into another server with new settings and IP. Do we need to request for a new license key or we can use the same one? We're using MVC for our CMS. If we need a new license key, can you provide that to us? Thank you, Kyle

  • Content staging feature license
    Question Jul 19, 2022
    hi all, We originally bought Kentico 11 Ultimate license. We'd like to use the Xperience 13 with this ultimate license, I want to know whether the content staging feature is supported by the Ultimate license? If not, Could you share some experience on how to sync content betwe...

  • Minor upgrades and expired license
    Question Oct 26, 2022
    Hi, Our Kentico 13 maintenance license expired few weeks ago. Unfortunately, this type of license does not exist anymore and we won't be able to renew it due to the change of licensing model. When the license expired, we were using the hotfix 13.0.79. According to the page:...

  • extending license for Kentico 13 trial
    Question Jun 14, 2022
    Hello: I downloaded the trial for Kentico 13 but unfortunately I had to pivot to another project to check it out and now the license has expired. I tried to extend the license by downloading Xperience_13_Refresh6_trial but it just seemed to install another Kentico website pa...

  • Ultimate License for creating advanced workflow
    Question Sep 16, 2021
    is advanced workflow is available at ultimate license ?

  • License for kentico 13 free edition
    Question Jul 1, 2021
    Hi, I am Currently using free edition of kentico 13. but its shows like ,trial version expires in xx day(s). can any one explain how can I add license for this free edition.

  • EXCEPTION: valid license for current domain
    Question Dec 8, 2021
    Help ! I have registered a valid license for the domain wwwt-comsg.web.melco.co.jp https://prnt.sc/229wlfk However, I am getting the issue https://prnt.sc/229x45d and check event logs saw the exception. I am using K13-MVC Message: You don't have a valid license for current dom...

  • Older license versions still valid after upgrade?
    Question Jan 14, 2021
    We currently have a v10 license and are preparing to upgrade to v12 (going through v11). In the Client Portal, when we upgrade a license key, will the current key (v10) still continue to work or is it deactivated?

  • ErrorConversion objects cannot be imported due to license limitations.
    Question Sep 27, 2021
    I am trying to import a site, and I am getting the following error: Conversion objects cannot be imported due to license limitations. License for feature 'CampaignAndConversions' not found. I de-selected all On-Line marketing from the import and now I am getting this error: ...

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