License Key Expired

Fahlgren Mortine asked on March 26, 2014 15:11

Getting this error when importing license:

"Given license was expired" PRODUCT:CB05 EXPIRATION:20140318 PACKAGES:ADV SERVERS:1 f7XzOZtiDljhXwAuzkuACihJVGsQfSwvUbUUPihEb0gsa2bokwg/ik56o2nS9Lh+z+2agQJ NCMwvFawRbnr6UYFEXMJh0SfO0bd4sUU78JThuzUkHkRjaNEQqBGCnF8+DWFxFNK 8w7/cQCC7MyWFyr/EJbhFZm/Oc9vmRmMJPEpRUH+oJ4+KMT1JMEW+8JhvYBv+Vfb UHdJfy/iTsANVa4siFStyhrTQjicmkddeUAzbg5MiEBE4+CmnmcAcxCiGFoZgu0ObrQld0p NGTRYZNYL5VhebeVbS+vsbj4xDcXGygF0wqYNr7typkTRlYH5RWVXFmymif1IqrXGSptqBzQ==


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answered on March 26, 2014 15:24

As you may notice in the license key text itself, the expiration date for this key is 03/18/2014. You will need to get a new license key by visiting the client portal: Client Portal

If you need any further information please contact your account manager or support directly via e-mail.

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