• Azure Search task processor broken
    Question Dec 8, 2020
    Anyone have a workaround for Kentico.Libraries nuget package not supporting the latest version of Microsoft.Azure.Search nuget package? Need the latest Microsoft.Azure.Search to use filterable integer collections in Azure Search. The built-in Azure Search task processor now ...

  • Azure performance problem - CMS_WebFarmServerTask
    Question Dec 6, 2015
    I've deployed my Kentico site into Azure and it's running, but very poorly. 1. The Application Pool resets frequently with a reason of CONFIG CHANGE. 2. The database is under pretty heavy load even when the site has no traffic. **Regarding #1**: If I remote into the web role...

  • Hosting Kentico MVC Applications in Azure
    Article Sep 12, 2018
    The rise of MVC has not been a quiet process. Over the past few years, developers have been saying...err…SCREAMING that they want to use modern, scalable frameworks for their Kentico applications. And they’re right! Modular, flexible architectures allow sites to be developed ...

  • Store media library in Azure Blob
    Question Sep 13, 2016
    Hi, I'm trying to configure Kentico to stor media file in Azure Blob Storage. I've already found [aritcle in documentation](https://docs.kentico.com/display/K82/Configuring+Azure+storage#ConfiguringAzurestorage-ConfiguringKenticotostoreonlymediafilesonAzurestorage) where this...

  • Using Azure Functions to Integrate Azure Search with Kentico Cloud
    Article May 3, 2017
    For the past few years, I’ve presented on Azure Search at several conferences and events. Microsoft’s Software-As-A-Service search solution is a great way to add powerful capabilities to a site with a few lines of code.  Combine that functionality with Azure Functions and a H...

  • Displaying Azure Database Statistics in Kentico
    Article Apr 19, 2017
    When deploying Kentico to Azure, one of the biggest questions that comes up is what size database to use. While we publish some recommendations in our documentation, your individual mileage may vary. To know if your database is spec’d high enough, you need to understand how i...

  • Get set.. Introduction to Windows Azure Development
    Video Article Jun 20, 2013
    Got Visual Studio? Your almost there! In this session we will look at how to prepare your development environment for Windows Azure. This includes required components and setting up your Microsoft Windows Azure account.  Don’t miss this session to learn how to build a killer “...

  • Go…Running Kentico CMS on Windows Azure
    Video Article Jun 20, 2013
    Now that we have Visual Studio and our Windows Azure account let’s install Kentico CMS! So many choices – Virtual Machine, Cloud Services, Website, Kentico +. In this session we will look at the various options and how this is done.   Speaker: Thom Robbins , Chief Evangelis...

  • Webinar: Lap Around: Windows Azure and Kentico 6.0
    Video Article Sep 14, 2011
    Are you ready for Kentico CMS 6.0 and Windows Azure? We’ve been working hard to continue improving our support for Windows Azure in Version 6. This webinar was presented by Dominik Pinter, Senior Developer and covered the enhanced support of Windows Azure in Kentico CMS 6.

  • Best Practices for Kentico CMS and Windows Azure
    Video Article Jun 20, 2013
    Are you looking for practical, immediate and usable real answers examples and scenarios? Then don’t miss this session as we look at the best practices for managing and running Kentico CMS on Windows Azure.   Speaker: Dominik Pinter , Group Product Manager/SaaS and Cloud

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