Configuring Azure storage instructions not working

Mark McDonald asked on July 30, 2021 12:02

I'm following the steps here:

I've created the class library shared referenced by both the CMS and MVC applications with the initialization module, and dropped in the storage details in the web config.

I run the CMS and site in IIS Express and nothing. Media continues to be file based as before. I set I debugger in the module OnInit but it never gets hit - so I'm guessing the module is never loaded. And I certainly don't see anything in the Azure storage.

There don't seem to be any log files or anything in the event viewer. I've tried to apply the same instructions to a freshly spun up DancingGoat site and still nothing, and no indication as to what is not working. Anyone got any suggestions?

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Mark McDonald answered on July 30, 2021 12:25

Looks like I missed a custom Kentico [assembly: AssemblyDiscoverable] attribute in the class library. I'd just referenced the assembly instead.

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