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Kenny Deblaere asked on November 10, 2016 10:36


My web application is running on a Azure web app machine. The application has Standard Big as price category.

I'm encountering following problems

  1. The website is very slow in comparison with my local machine (TTFB: local 600ms - server 3.5s)
  2. When I turn on file system caching, the CPU is rising, until the application crashes.
  3. When I turn off the caching, the application CPU goes down (25%), but the TTFB remains 3.5s)
  4. Yesterday, around 11 PM ( Western Europe Time), the CPU started to rise (see screenshot below text).
  5. The event log or the worker threads doesn't show me any information or error.
  6. At some point, I had to restart the app service, resolving in a 30 minutes downtime.
  7. Since the downtime, the CPU went down, but it hasn't reached it's normal plan (see screenshot below text).

Is the CPU on Azure a common problem? I've followed the following documentation of Kentico.

Is there something, what I should/can do, just to reduce the CPU height?

Kind regards



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Filip Ligač answered on November 10, 2016 15:12 (last edited on November 10, 2016 15:19)

Hello Kenny,

First of all, if you are running a vanilla version of Kentico 9, I would recommend that you install the latest hotfix (9.0.47) because there have been a few performance-related bugs fixed since the release of this version.

If you notice the CPU spike again, it would be great to create a memory dump which can then be analyzed to figure out what could be causing the problem. You can follow instructions mentioned in the following article - Create a memory dump for your slow performing Web App.

Some more performance tips can also be found in this article - Performance troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Best Regards,

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 10, 2016 16:58

As Filip mentions, never run on a vanilla version of any software, always choose a minor or hotfixed version to run in production. Also, with the other issues you're having with Smart Search and other items you've already posted about, this could be a process that is stuck in a loop. I'd work on fixing the other issues and see if this resolves things before making all kinds of other changes.

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