Filip Ligač Support specialist

Filip Ligač Support specialist at Kentico Software

Hi, I work as a Cloud Support Specialist here at Kentico. I write about Microsoft Azure and and am trying to extend knowledge about the best practices for deployment.

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The Most Common Issues in Web Farm Environments

Filip Ligač    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

When running your site on multiple web servers with a load balancer, you may run into some issues with synchronization between servers in Kentico. This article summarizes the most common problems you might encounter when utilizing web farms. Of course, each case contains a possible solution, which usually helps, and some of them also have tips on how you can avoid them in the future.

Setting up Kentico+ Staging environment

Filip Ligač    —       —    Knowledge Base Article
If you use our SaaS solution Kentico+, you might be interested in configuring a Staging site for testing purposes before migrating your changes live.

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