Automatic web farm servers and time changes


This article describes the effects of changing time on one of the servers set up to a web farm. 

If you are using Kentico 9 and utilizing "Automatically generated Web Farm servers", you should be aware of the effects that a time change of more than 24 hours ahead can have on your web farm environment.

The way the system recognizes which generated web farm servers are still valid at any point in time a watcher which checks each server's availability on a regular basis. However, if it does not find any response from a certain server for more than 24 hours, it considers it invalid and deletes it consequently. This is important to remember to avoid any unpredictable changes in your web farm environment which may eventually lead to synchronization failures.

If you ever run into a situation in which you find some servers missing in the servers’ list in Web farm application -> Servers, you can regenerate all those servers by restarting the application or all web farm servers through System application -> General -> Restart the application/Restart all web farm servers button.

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Filip Ligač

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