WebPart fails to load, error message displays the wrong webpart name, appends numeric 1

Dan McDevitt asked on November 17, 2022 18:23

We have a relatively new problem wherein on occasion a WebPart will fail to load, and the displayed error message shows an incorrect WebPart name. Instead of showing the actual WebPart name, it shows the name with a numeric 1 appended to the end, like this:

[Error loading the WebPart 'FEI_shoppingCart_ONEFEI1' of type 'FEI_shoppingCart_ONEFEI']

The actual name of the WebPart is FEI_shoppingCart_ONEFEI, without the #1 on the end. We have not been able to determine what causes the WebPart to fail or why the name is being displayed wrong; so far we have fixed the problem by re-deploying the control. Does anyone know what causes this problem and how to prevent it from occurring?

Thank you in advance.

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 17, 2022 18:48

Check to see if the webpart is registered more than once in Kentico. This would force it to have a different code name using the same files. Do a search for the code name without the 1 at the end and see what comes up.

It could also be due to different layouts for the webpart. Maybe the layout isn't using the proper namespace and classname?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on November 18, 2022 06:05

Check also the Event log - there should be more details about what happened logged in the error event.

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