Using external jquery libraries within Kentico 8.1

K Fisher asked on February 24, 2015 20:45


Im trying to integrate behaviours which Kentico doesnt support out of the box including (a parallax effect on content pages / the equivalent of a vertical slideshow similar to the functionality afforded by libraries such as ScrollMagic ( etc.

I was wondering in my investigations does anyone have any thoughts on the sort of issues I might hit head first? Im not sure the library in question uses the version of JQuery Kentico 8.1 comes installed with for instance.

Id appreciate any thoughts based on experiences of Kentico / experiences of integrating other JQuery based libraries of functionality within Kentico.

Many thanks


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Virgil Carroll answered on February 24, 2015 21:42

Past versions of Kentico used to have some conflicts with the Kentico jQuery implementation, but overall since 8.0 this has not been an issue. You may run into some challenges with how the scripts run while in the admin interface side, but overall from a deployment side (live site) we've not ran into much for quite a while.

The one thing to caution is how you are implementing Kentico. If you are using a built in template as the base for your development, you will want to make sure to see what functionality is implemented and you can re-use and make sure you don't conflict with that.

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Martin Danko answered on February 24, 2015 21:57


I would also recommend you to read the following article regarding jQuery in Kentico:

Using a custom jQuery when developing pages in Kentico

Regards, Martin Danko

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