Megamenu Hierarchical Transformations - Hands on Instructions

mizrach - asked on June 20, 2016 22:05

I'm very new to Kentico and use Portal Engine for developing. Trying to create a responsive mega menu. Tried following all the articles on this subject and nothing is working so far. And the articles were written long time ago and the application names have been changed in the version that I use - v9.01. Could you please direct me to an up to date, portal engine user friendly instructions? Or write one for me? :) Thanx.

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Trevor Fayas answered on June 20, 2016 22:16

Are you looking at the most recent documentation on Hierarchy Transformations?

Otherwise what i would recommend is don't start from nothing and try to create a responsive menu. Find an existing responsive mega menu online, then use Kentico to implement it. As long as you can get the transformation to spit out the correct HTML structure, then the CSS and JS that comes with the mega menu you found should do the rest!

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Juraj Ondrus answered on June 22, 2016 12:47

Have you seen this article as well?

Implementing multi-level responsive navigation using a hierarchical transformation

It was made for Kentico 8.2 so there were not so many changes in Kentico 9.

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mizrach - answered on June 22, 2016 18:01

Thank you Trevor and Juras!

@Juras: I did see and tried it but not working. There's no "Load hierarchical data" field on the Hierarchical viewer web part on v9.02. The article doesn't specify the page type. I'm not person - I wouldn't know. Tried menu item and root but to no avail.

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Brett Saunders answered on October 3, 2016 09:12

Having the same challenges with Mega Menus and Mobile menus, it would be great if Kentico could just setup an example of both in the corporate site template in the future.

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