Lead management - a problem with automation plans

Petr Anderle asked on May 27, 2016 09:58

Hi, we are working on an automated lead management setup in Kentico EMS and at one point we got stuck.

What we want to achieve:

A contact comes to the website. His lead score is calculated based on his activity. Based on his score value his contact status is changed to a Cold lead, Warm lead or Hot lead status. If the contact’s score value decreases, he may be moved back to a previous status.

Example – the contact reaches 20 points and his contact status is changed to Warm. He does not go back to the website for a month, his score is decreased by -15 and thefore his contact status is changed back to Cold.

The setup

  • We set up scoring (rules, etc.)
  • We create 3 contact statuses - Cold lead, Warm lead, Hot lead
  • For each contact status (lead phase) we create a marketing automation plan - Cold lead MA, Warm lead MA, Hot lead MA
  • Each MA plan contains three steps – Start, Contact status change, Finish o Start the process is set to „Always as a new instance“ o Triggers for MA plans is „Contact scored X or more“ (Cold X=0, Warm X=20, Hot X=50)

The problem:

Even though all MA plans have the option for its start set as „Always as a new instance“, it seems that a contact can be enrolled into one MA plan just once.

Example - when a contact’s score value decreases from 22 (Warm lead) to 5, the MA that changes the contact status to „Cold“ is not triggered. And therefore the contact status stays as Warm lead even though the contact meets the condition for triggering the Cold lead MA which would change his contact status to Cold.

The question: It's obvious :), what are we doing wrong, please? Any help appreciated.

Thank you!


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Jiri Silhan answered on May 27, 2016 11:54

Hi Petr! Problem is that the MA trigger works only "one way". It's triggered only when value of score increased. Basically the trigger fires only when: OLD_SCORE < TRIGGER_VALUE < NEW_SCORE

You have imo two options: 1) Create new trigger type (this might be a bit tricky) 2) Create scheduled task that decreases statuses for all contacts at once. (for example every midnight or more often if needed)

The second option has one positive sideefect -> better performance.

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