Kentico is Closing Break Tags < br / >

kentico guy asked on February 26, 2020 18:56

Kentico 8.2 is closing break tags. Where does the transformation for "article body" text to html occur? I just need to know where I can find that code and I can most likely figure out the issue. Assuming somewhere in the pages module?

please advise, thanks!

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 26, 2020 20:37

If the page type field is a long text field and you're using the CKEDitor WYSIWYG editor, this is not a Kentico thing, it's a WYSIWYG editor configuration thing. Typically you need to specify what you DON'T want the editor to do. In this case, it's probably doing something which is out of the box functionality.

Here are a few articles/posts:

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kentico guy answered on February 26, 2020 19:51

I know this is pretty n00bish but I haven't been working with Kentico that long and it's a pretty massive piece of software. Looks like all of the article body html come from javascript frontend? is this correct? I am more of a C# dev than a javascript/frontend so sorry that was such a dumb question. I should have right clicked. can anyone clarify though or give me a resource to read on how that works?

One thing that threw me off is that it's not glitching out until I click save; that's why I figured it was a code behind transform going on.

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kentico guy answered on February 26, 2020 22:10

Ah ok, thanks Brendan. I think this must be custom code from our vendor then, which means I'm on my own. I think what it's doing is using javascript and controls to format the html; but if it's not out of the box, then I'll have to get down in the weeds. 🌱🐛🖥️🌱🐛🖥️🌱

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kentico guy answered on February 26, 2020 22:46 (last edited on February 26, 2020 22:47)

When I originally looked at that site WYSIWYG editor, the frontend looked nothing like the one we use; I think it's just a way newer version since we're on kentico 8.2 with this problematic instance. When I right clicked on it again, I noticed it was tagged with the same name as that one you posted.

Interestingly enough, I also didn't realize you could format
like that (not seen HTML or XML have that format for a tag before) and I thought it was a glitch. There's definitely something wrong with it in this instance, however; because I removed the / and space thinking it was an error, and it fixed the formatting issue (which I was originally tasked to fix, not the <br />) on our staging environment.

anywhoo... appreciate ya a lot man!

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