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FeatureEnum Enumeration
Feature types.

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public enum FeatureEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0 Unknown feature.
DocumentLevelPermissions1 Document level permissions.
BizForms2 BizForms.
WorkflowVersioning3 Workflow versioning.
AdvancedWorkflow4 Advanced workflow.
MarketingAutomation5 Marketing automation.
Forums6 Forums.
Newsletters7 Newsletters.
Multilingual8 Multilingual.
Staging9 Staging.
Ecommerce10 Ecommerce.
Webfarm11 Webfarm.
Polls12 Polls.
WebAnalytics13 Web analytics.
Blogs14 Blogs.
EventManager15 Event manager.
Administrators16 Global administrators.
Editors17 Editors.
SiteMembers18 Site members.
Documents19 Documents.
Subscribers20 Subscribers.
BannedIP21 Banned IP.
Groups22 Community.
CustomTables23 Custom Tables.
Friends24 Friends.
Notifications25 Notifications.
MessageBoards26 Message boards.
UserContributions27 User contributions.
WindowsLiveID28 Windows live id.
OnlineUsers29 On-line users.
Messaging30 Messaging.
ADImportTool31 Active directory import tool.
OpenID32 OpenID.
WebDav33 WebDav.
Membership34 Membership.
FaceBookConnect35 Facebook connect.
LinkedIn36 Linked in.
IntegrationBus37 System integration bus.
ObjectVersioning38 Object versioning.
HealthMonitoring39 Health monitoring.
ContactManagement40 Contact management
LeadScoring41 Lead scoring
ABTesting42 A/B Testing
MVTesting43 MV testing
CampaignAndConversions44 Campaign and conversions
ContentPersonalization45 Content personalization
Segmentation46 Segmentation
MultipleSMTPServers47 Multiple SMTP servers
SchedulerWinService48 Scheduler windows service
TranslationServices49 Translation services
Chat50 Chat module.
DataCom51 connector
SalesForce52 SalesForce connector
BannerManagement53 Banner management
DBSeparation54 Contact management database separation.
DeviceProfiles55 Device profiles
NewsletterABTesting56 Newsletter A/B Testing
NewsletterTracking57 Newsletter tracking (open e-mail, click through and bounces)
SocialMarketing58 Publishing to Facebook and Twitter social networks
SocialMarketingInsights59 Providing access to social media analytics information
Personas60 Displaying content to visitors based on Personas
SharePoint61 SharePoint integration
ContinuousIntegration62 Continuous integration
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