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IField Interface
Interface for field items.

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public interface IField : IDataDefinitionItem

The IField type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowEmpty
Indicates whether field allow empty values.
Public propertyCaption
Column caption.
Public propertyDataType
Data type.
Public propertyDefaultValue
Field default value.
Public propertyExternal
Indicates if field is external, if so it represents column from another table which is included in CMS_Tree_View_Joined (CMS_Document, CMS_Node, ...).
Public propertyGuid
Field unique identifier.
Public propertyIsDummyField
Indicates that field has no representation in database.
Public propertyIsDummyFieldFromMainForm
If true the field was added into the main form else it was added into the alt.form (expects IsDummyField property to be true).
Public propertyIsExtraField
Indicates that field is extra field (field is not in original form definition).
Public propertyIsInherited
If true, the field is inherited from parent class.
Public propertyIsUnique
Indicates whether field is unique.
Public propertyName
Column name.
Public propertyPrecision
Precision of the field
Public propertyPrimaryKey
Indicates whether field is a primary key.
Public propertyProperties
Properties of the field
Public propertyPropertiesMacroTable
Macro table for the field properties.
Public propertyReferenceToObjectType
ObjectType to which the given field refers (for example as a foreign key).
Public propertyReferenceType
Type of the reference (used only when ReferenceToObjectType is set).
Public propertySize
Size of the field.
Public propertySystem
Indicates if field is a system field.
Public methodClone
Clones current object and returns copy of it.
(Inherited from IDataDefinitionItem.)
Public methodGetXmlNode
Returns XML representation of current object.
(Inherited from IDataDefinitionItem.)
Public methodLoadFromTableData
Loads the field info from plain database structure data.
(Inherited from IDataDefinitionItem.)
Public methodLoadFromXmlNode
Loads the field info from XML node.
(Inherited from IDataDefinitionItem.)
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