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ClassStructureInfo Class
Class information.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class ClassStructureInfo : ISerializable

The ClassStructureInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBinaryColumns
List of binary column names
Public propertyClassName
Class name.
Public propertyColumnDefinitions
Column definitions.
Protected propertyColumnIndexes
Column indexes dictionary [columnName] -> [columnIndex]
Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
Public propertyColumnsCount
Columns count.
Public propertyHasBinaryColumns
Returns true if this class has some binary columns
Public propertyIDColumn
ID column name(s).
Public propertyStringColumns
List of string column names
Public propertyTableName
Table name
Public methodStatic memberClear
Clear the class infos and properties lists of all object types.
Public methodStatic memberCombine
Combines class structure definitions to the one
Public methodContainsColumn
Returns true if the data class has the specified column.
Public methodConvertDataToParams
Returns the object data converted to the query parameters.
Public methodStatic memberGetClassInfo
Returns the class info for specified class.
Public methodGetColumnIndex
Gets the column index.
Public methodStatic memberGetColumns(String)
Gets the columns for the listed class names
Public methodGetColumns(Type)
Gets the list of columns of the given type
Public methodGetColumnsT Obsolete.
Gets the list of columns of the given type
Public methodGetColumnType
Gets the column type.
Public methodGetNewData
Gets new data array for object of the given class.
Public methodGetNewDataSet
Gets new data structure for class data as a DataSet.
Public methodGetObjectData
Object serialization.
Public methodGetXmlSchema
Gets the XML schema of the DataSet represented by this structure
Public methodCheckComplete
Checks whether the given data is complete (has all columns set to some value).
Protected methodInitCollections
Initializes the inner collections for structure
Protected methodRegisterColumn
Registers the given column within the structure info
Public methodStatic memberRemove
Removes the specified class structure definition.
Public methodSetAllMissing
Sets all the items in the data to missing values.
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