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InfoObjectCollectionTInfo Class
Generic info object collection.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.DataEngine
Assembly: CMS.DataEngine (in CMS.DataEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class InfoObjectCollection<TInfo> : AbstractHierarchicalObject<InfoObjectCollection<TInfo>>, 
	IInfoObjectCollection<TInfo>, IInfoObjectCollection, IComparable, IVirtualTypedCollection, ITypedCollection, 
	ICMSQueryable<TInfo>, ICMSQueryable, IOrderedQueryable<TInfo>, IQueryable<TInfo>, 
	IOrderedQueryable, IQueryable, INamedEnumerable<TInfo>, INamedEnumerable, IEnumerable<TInfo>, 
	IEnumerable, IIndexable<TInfo>, INameIndexable<TInfo>, INameIndexable, 
	IIndexable, IDisposable
where TInfo : BaseInfo

Type Parameters


The InfoObjectCollectionTInfo type exposes the following members.

Public fieldObjectInitializer
Provides a way how to initialize the object instance based on given data
Public propertyAllowPaging
If true, the paging of the data is allowed (data is loaded in batches).
Protected propertyAutomaticNameColumn
If true, the automatic name column is used within this collection
Public propertyCodeNames
Collection of the object code names
Public propertyColumnNames
Available column names.
(Inherited from AbstractDataContainerParentObjectType.)
Public propertyColumns
Columns to get.
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of items.
Protected propertyDeletedItems
Returns the items collection.
Public propertyDisplayNames
Collection of the object display names
Public propertyDynamicWhereCondition
Dynamic where condition.
Public propertyElementType
Returns the element type.
Public propertyEnforceReadOnlyDataAccess
If true, the read only access to the data is enforced within the transaction.
Public propertyExpression
Query expression
Public propertyFieldsAsObjects
Related objects wrappers
Public propertyFirstItem
Returns the first item of the collection
Public propertyGUIDs
Collection of the object GUIDs
Public propertyCheckLicense
If true, the collection check license when getting data
Public propertyIDs
Collection of the object IDs
Protected propertyInternalCount
Internal count of the items
Public propertyIsCachedObject
If true, the object is cached within the system for later use
Public propertyIsDisconnected
Returns true if the collection is disconnected from the data source
Public propertyIsLastVersion
If true, the document is the last version (retrieved using DocumentHelper.GetDocument).
Public propertyIsOffline
Returns true, if the collection is offline (not backed up by the database but by the source data)
Public propertyItemInt32
Gets or sets the object on specific index.
Public propertyItemString
Returns the object registered by the specific name.
Protected propertyItems
Returns the items collection.
Public propertyItemsAsFields
Fields wrappers
Public propertyItemsHaveNames
Returns true if the items in the collection have names
Public propertyItemType
Result type
Public propertyLastItem
Returns the last item of the collection
Public propertyLoadBinaryData
Gets or sets the value which indicates whether to load binary data into the collections.
Public propertyName
Collection name. Returns object type if name is not defined
Public propertyNameColumn
Name column name
Protected propertyNewItems
Returns the items collection.
Public propertyObject
Object instance of the specified type.
Protected propertyObjectsByName
Objects by name collection.
Public propertyObjectType
Returns the object type of the objects stored within the collection.
Public propertyOrderByColumns
Order by expression.
Public propertyParentObject
Parent object. Instance of object which contains this collection as it's inner field.
Public propertyParentStorage
Parent storage
Public propertyProperties
Properties available through the context.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyPropertyList
Used property list
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public propertyProvider
Query provider
Protected propertyRegisteredColumns
Registered Columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredColumnsObject
Registered Columns object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredProperties
Registered properties
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyRegisteredPropertiesObject
Registered properties object
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected propertyRemovedObject
Defines the removed object within collection
Public propertySearchText Obsolete.
If set, the collection filters objects to only those containing the given text
Public propertySiteID
Site ID to filter the collection to a particular site
Public propertySortNames
If true, the names in enumeration are sorted
Public propertySourceData
Source data for the collection
Public propertyTopN
Select top N objects.
Public propertyTypeInfo
Type info for the collection object.
Public propertyUseDefaultCacheDependencies
If true, the collection uses default cache dependencies to flush it's content
Protected propertyUseLocalColumns
If true, the object uses local columns
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected propertyUseLocalProperties
If true, the object uses local properties
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public propertyUseObjectTypeCondition
If true, the collection uses the type condition to get the data
Public propertyWhere
Where condition.
Public methodAdd(BaseInfo)
Adds new object to the collection.
Public methodAdd(IEnumerableBaseInfo)
Adds new object to the collection.
Public methodAddCacheDependencies
Adds the given list of cache dependencies to the collection
Public methodAsTType
Makes a wrapper of the collection with specified type of the items.
Protected methodCacheDependenciesChanged
Ensures the actions when the cache dependencies have changed
Public methodClear
Clears the current items in the collection.
Public methodClearCache
Clears the collection cache
Protected methodStatic memberClearCacheCallback
Clears the collection cache
Public methodClone
Creates the clone of the collection.
Public methodCloneCollection
Creates the clone of this collection.
Public methodCombineWith
Combines current instance with other properties (modifies current instace!). List properties are merged from all the participating typeinfos, other properties are taken as first non-null value (non-null is determined by nullValues collection).
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodCompareTo
Compares the current instance with another object of the same type and returns an integer that indicates whether the current instance precedes, follows, or occurs in the same position in the sort order as the other object.
Public methodContainsColumn
Returns true if specified column is available in current structure.
(Inherited from AbstractDataContainerParentObjectType.)
Protected methodCopyPropertiesTo
Copies the properties of this collection to the other collection
Public methodCreateChild
Creates the child collection based on the given provider
Public methodCreateNewObject
Creates new instance of the encapsulated object.
Protected methodCreateQueryProvider
Creates a LINQ query provider for this collection
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnects the collection from the database
Public methodDispose
Disposes the object
Protected methodEnsureItems
Ensures the specified number of items in the item list.
Protected methodEnsureObjectValues
Ensures the proper values for the given object
Protected methodGetCacheDependencyKeys
Gets the list of cache dependency keys on which this collection depends
Public methodGetCompleteWhereCondition
Gets the complete where condition for the collection
Protected methodGetData
Gets the data for the collection.
Public methodGetEmptyObject
Gets an empty object for this collection
Public methodGetEnumerator
Gets the enumerator for the collection
Public methodGetEnumeratorInternal
Gets the enumerator for the collection.
Public methodGetFieldsAsObjects(String)
Gets the collection of objects that are referenced by the given property
Protected methodGetFieldsAsObjects(String, String)
Gets the collection of objects that are referenced by the given property
Protected methodGetFullData
Gets the data set of the data behind this collection
Protected methodGetItem
Gets the item on the specified index.
Public methodGetItemsAsFields
Returns the updatable collection of fields of collection items
Public methodGetNameWhereCondition
Gets the where condition for the given object name.
Protected methodGetObjectByNameInternal
Gets the object by its name, internal representation that gets data from database
Public methodGetObjectName(Object)
Gets the unique object name from the given object.
Public methodGetObjectName(BaseInfo)
Gets the unique object name from the given object.
Public methodGetProperty
Gets the context property.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected methodGetPropertyType
Gets the type of the given property
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodGetSubsetOrderBy
Returns the clone of the collection with specified order by applied
Public methodGetSubsetWhere
Returns the clone of the collection with specified where condition applied
Public methodGetSubsetWhereNotEmpty
Returns the clone of the collection with specified column not being empty
Public methodGetValue
Gets the object value.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public methodHasSetter
Returns true if given property has a setter
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodChangeParent
Changes the parent of the collection
Protected methodInit
Initializes the collection to use specific object type
Public methodLoad
Clears the data in the collection and loads objects from the given list.
Public methodMakeEmpty
Makes the collection empty.
Public methodReconnect
Reconnects the collection to the database
Protected methodRegisterClearCacheCallback
Registers the callback to clear the collection cache
Protected methodRegisterColumn(String, FuncTObject, Object)
Registers the given Column to the object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected methodRegisterColumn(String, FuncTObject, Object, FuncTObject, Object, Object)
Registers the given Column to the object
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected methodRegisterColumns
Registers the Columns of this object
(Overrides AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObjectRegisterColumns.)
Protected methodRegisterProperties
Registers the properties of this object
(Overrides AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObjectRegisterProperties.)
Public methodRegisterProperties(ListString)
Registers supported properties
Protected methodRegisterProperty(String, FuncTObject, Object)
Registers the given property to the object
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Protected methodRegisterProperty(String, Object, FuncTObject, Object, Object)
Registers the given parameterized property to the object.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodRemove(IEnumerableTInfo)
Removes the specified object from the collection.
Public methodRemove(TInfo)
Removes the specified object from the collection.
Protected methodRemoveClearCacheCallback
Removes the callback to clear the collection cache
Public methodSetProperty
Gets the context property.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodSetValue
Sets the object value.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Public methodSubmitChanges
Submits the changes in the collection to the database.
Public methodToString
Provides a string representation of the collection
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodTryGetProperty(String, Object)
Gets the context property.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodTryGetProperty(String, Object, Boolean)
Returns value of property.
(Inherited from AbstractHierarchicalObjectTObject.)
Public methodTryGetValue
Returns value of column.
(Inherited from AbstractSimpleDataContainerTObject.)
Protected methodUseData
Initializes the collection with the given source data
Protected methodValidateItem
Validates whether the item can be member of the collection (collection can work with it). Returns true if item is valid.
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