Kentico CMS 6 Beta Got Released

The development of Kentico CMS 6 is finishing and we are already only fixing some minor issues. Read more about Kentico CMS 6.
As Kentico CMS 6 is the biggest release ever, we have already published several blog posts focused on the upcoming version. So let’s summarize all information you can be aware of:

kentico_ems_logo.pngWith Kentico CMS 6 also comes a brand new product Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (Kentico EMS), which is built on top of Kentico CMS Ultimate Edition and provides a full feature set for Customer Experience Management. Since it’s a new product line with new pricing and licensing, please check Petr’s blog for more information about pricing and licensing of Kentico CMS 6.

Note for partners: If you are a Kentico Solution Partner, please check the Partner portal for more information about Kentico CMS 6 Beta.

The final release of Kentico CMS 6 is scheduled for the end of September, 2011.

Do you want to be one of the first who will see Kentico CMS 6 and Kentico EMS?

Join us for webinars focused on new Kentico CMS 6 and Kentico EMS:

Come to Kentico Connection in Denver (September 26-28, 2011) or Prague (October 10-12, 2011) where the new Kentico CMS 6 and Kentico EMS will be introduced. All conference attendees can also attend the complimentary hands-on training on Kentico EMS on day 3!
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Armysniper89 commented on

Wish I could get my hands on the beta. I want to test out migrating my current site to it and see what I find. I am a good beta tester. :)