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  • Kentico Tags
    John Crihton    —       —    Question

    Hi all, Thanks for the support. I have tags inside a tag group, that tag group is available on my page type. I have been going through the answers but was unable to find an answer. My question is h...

  • Filter TagName in TagCloud webpart
    Dcode warner    —       —    Question

    Is there a way to filter tagNames in a tagCloud? I have two tagCloud webparts. I wish one to display one set of tags and the other another set of tagNames. I imagine using the 'where' condiition. B...

  • How to add tags into tag group
    Santosh More    —       —    Question

    Hello Everyone,Can anybody help me , How to add tags in tag group . I am very new to kentico . Please help

  • Tag Group
    Santosh More    —       —    Question

    Hello Everyone,I want to create tag group for selection in tag cloud but I am not able to do the following procedure which I found on Kentico Site.To create a new Tag group: Open the Tag groups app...

  • API for Tags, importing Two Word Tags
    David Pearson    —       —    Question

    When every I import a news article with a two word tag like @Spot Light@. Spot Light is inserted as Spot and Light. When every you look at the document Meta Data it is displays @Spot Light@ for ...

  • All things Tags and Tag Groups
    David Pearson    —       —    Question

    In Kentico there is Tag Groups and Tags… I am guessing the Tag Group is a way of grouping tags. The API example shows how to create the Tag Group and Add a Tag to a Document. The example for ad...

  • Document Tags and Tag Groups
    Roman Hutnyk    —       —    Question

    Hi Folks,I'm trying to utilize tags to filter search results like it is described in this article.My problem is that document could be assigned to one tags group only, but I'd like to have tags fro...

  • Tag groups localization
    Adam Gitin    —       —    Question

    Hi,Would like to hear how others are handling @Tag Group@ localization?We have a site with a few cultures. Each site has a blog and we would like them to sharetag group but each culture should hav...

  • Kentico 8 Tags and Tag Groups
    Kyle G    —       —    Question

    Hi there,I see a lot of postings about Tags and Tag Groups but I don't see anyone answering the question I'm asking.I essentially want to have managed tags, created by an admin that can be added to...