Filter TagName in TagCloud webpart

Dcode warner asked on January 29, 2018 18:45

Is there a way to filter tagNames in a tagCloud? I have two tagCloud webparts. I wish one to display one set of tags and the other another set of tagNames. I imagine using the 'where' condiition. But not sure. Can someone advise?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 29, 2018 19:59

Have you tried the WHERE condition? If it exists on the webpart then that would be your best bet. Tags are pretty flat and only have a tag group as a parent. So if you had a specific tag group you could look for only those tags but you'd have to specifically know the group you want to work with.

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Dcode warner answered on January 30, 2018 15:54

Thank you very much for the advice! This works!

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