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  • System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource.dll conflicting with Azure App Insights
    Michael Bartlett    —       —    Question

    Hi there -We have deployed a new Kentico Experience 13 site (v13.0.112) into an Azure web app and have been attempting to set up Azure Application Insights, which we saw was not receiving data from...

  • Maintenance in Kentico
    Boris Pocatko    —       —    Article

    Many developers think that by providing a finished website, their job is done. Even if they’ve followed all of our best practices regarding website design and setup, there is still an ongoing need to keep the overall system healthy. Websites should be serviced regularly; just like you would service your car.

    There are several areas you should pay attention to when maintaining your website. The areas can be divided into:

    • Linking content
    • Unnecessary performance hogs 
    • Long term content strategy
    • Database health
    • File system health
    • Monitoring

    We will take a look at each of these areas, and describe how to tackle them effectively in order to keep your website running smoothly for a long time.