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  • Public IP Macro Question
    Yoyo Bubble    —       —    Question

    Hello Fellow Kenticans!Greetings and salutations. Is there a way to grab a users public IP address via macro?I'm currently using this macro: CustomMacros.CaptureIP()But its apparently only grabbing...

  • Client IP Address Lookup not correct
    Tony Feltham    —       —    Question

    I am trying to retrieve the IP of the user logging in so that I can log and track IP usage.Using suggestions gleaned from posts I have tried to use the below with little joy.If I attempt a login wh...

  • Tracking User Login IP Address
    Tony Feltham    —       —    Question

    I would like to track the number of IP Addresses users are logging in from so that I can limit their login locations.For example allow a user to login via up to 3 IP addresses (these could be any I...